Builders Risk Insurance 

Zurich Builders Risk Insurance

The Zurich Builders Risk insurance plan is the industry leader in providing course of construction insurance solutions. We offer broad, flexible coverage options specifically designed to meet the unique builders risk insurance needs of even the largest residential or commercial construction project. Our competitive coverage includes an extremely broad policy, including:

  • Coverage for theft of materials from the moment they’re delivered to the job site
  • Protection for materials in-transit and at temporary locations
  • Coverage for materials that are installed or uninstalled
  • Coverage for losses due to ordinance or laws

Zurich Builders Risk Basic Eligibility

The Builders Risk Coverage Form (40471) provides coverage for residential and commercial structures with values up to $10 million. We also offer a Large Commercial coverage form for higher valued structures, including high valued frame risks. Our builders risk insurance plan is flexible and trained underwriters are available to assist with coverage for even the most complex structures. All policies are subject to certain underwriting guidelines and restrictions.

  • Builders must have two years experience unless otherwise qualified. Three years experience is required when requesting coverage for commercial structures with total estimated completed values greater than $3,000,000.
  • Catastrophic limit is $5 million per policy.
  • Policy can be issued in the name of the homeowner/mortgagee if the builder qualifies.

With broad coverages and flexible policy options, the Builders Risk Plan is the nation's leading inland marine property insurance solution for construction professionals. The Builders Risk Plan has been designed to meet the specific needs of most residential and commercial contractors and can be customized for even the largest construction projects. The Builders Risk Plan is underwritten by the companies of Zurich North America Small Business, rated A+ by A.M. Best.

What about Remodelers?

With more than 30 years of experience working with construction professionals, Zurich understands the unique needs of remodelers and has developed a quality Remodelers product to complement the Builders Risk Plan. The Remodelers policy covers renovations and improvements to most residential and commercial structures. Coverage can be provided for the value of the renovations or improvements only and can be provided for the existing structure. Like all our products in the Builders Risk Plan, our Remodelers program offers flexibility and a commitment to ease of doing business.

The Remodelers Program allows most all types of renovations and improvement work, including structural changes. Our remodeling coverage options are divided into the following three eligibility categories.
  • Basic Remodeling - remodeling of interior finishes, replacement of interior fixtures, cabinets, flooring, etc. (no changes made to the exterior structure)
  • Minor Structural Remodeling - remodeling work as listed above, which includes minor changes to the exterior structure, such as doors, windows, skylights and non-structural changes like HVAC, plumbing and electrical
  • Restructuring- remodeling work that includes repair, replacement or removal of any load bearing walls or foundation or the addition of stories, stairways and elevators. (These risks will require scope of construction documentation and a structural engineering report to be submitted to Underwriting for consideration.)

To allow greater flexibility for remodelers, we offer a variety of policy term options for this coverage. Three, six, nine and twelve-month policy options are available and can each be extended with underwriting approval. (Short-term policies not available in all states)
Basic Eligibility Guidelines:
  • Remodelers insurance may be written for contractors, owners who act as investors and owners who purchased the structure for primary residence. Two years experience as a remodeler or as an acting general contractor overseeing a remodeling project is required.
  • Improvements or renovation must represent 20 percent of the existing structure value.
  • All policies are issued on a one shot basis.
  • Occupancy is allowed if the structure is occupied by the owner, who is also performing the renovations.
  • Structures up to 75 years old (non coastal) or not more than 40 years old (coastal) are eligible.
  • Existing structure coverage is on an actual cash value basis.
  • If 60 consecutive days pass with no work done to the structure, coverage can be denied or limited
  • Coinsurance applies to the policy.
  • The Change Order Endorsement, covering increases in the cost of labor and materials or changes in construction specifications, is available.
  • Short Term Policies are available.

Basic Underwriting Approval Required For:
  • Structures more than 75 years old (non coastal) or more than 40 years old (coastal)
  • Structural Changes
  • Fire Restoration properties
  • Values greater than $1,000,000 located in protection classes 9 or 10
  • Values greater than $1,500,000 located in protection classes 1 through 8



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